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Level 5 Drywall: Why It's Worth the Investment

Drywall is a cost-effective, relatively easy way to finish the walls of your home. But when it comes to certain areas, like bathrooms and kitchens, it’s worth investing in a more durable type of drywall. Enter level 5 drywall, which is specifically designed for high-moisture environments and offers added protection against mold and mildew. Let’s examine why you should choose level 5 drywall for certain areas of your home.

What Is Level 5 Drywall?

Level 5 drywall is a special type of drywall that has been infused with a non-combustible fiberglass scrim that provides extra resistance against mold and mildew growth. This makes it ideal for high-moisture areas, such as around showers or kitchen sinks where there is increased potential for water damage. The non-combustible fiberglass scrim also makes level 5 drywall a better choice than standard drywall in areas prone to fire hazards, such as near fireplaces or woodstoves.

Why Invest in Level 5 Drywall?

The main benefit of investing in level 5 drywall is that it offers added protection against moisture damage. Moisture can cause all sorts of problems, from discoloration and staining on the walls to accelerated deterioration of the wallboard itself. In addition to being more resistant to water damage, level 5 drywall also offers superior fire safety compared to standard drywalls since the non-combustible fiberglass scrim helps protect against flame spread if there ever were a fire hazard in your home.

Level 5 Dryall Is an Easy Upgrade

Installing level 5 dryall isn’t complicated; it’s really just like installing regular drywall but with an extra layer of protection against moisture damage and fire hazards. That means that upgrading your existing space doesn’t require any major construction work—just add the extra layer and you’re good to go! The cost difference between regular and level 5 drywalls isn't too significant considering the added benefits you get with a level 5 installation - making this upgrade an easy decision for many homeowners looking for long lasting peace of mind when it comes to their bathroom or kitchen remodeling projects.


When remodeling certain areas of your home - particularly those prone to moisture or fire hazards - consider investing in a higher grade of wallboard like level 5 drywalls instead of standard gypsum boards with paper facing. Level five offer superior protection against water damage caused by spills or high humidity levels as well as added protection from flames caused by any potential fire risk areas nearby like woodstoves or furnaces. Investing in this upgrade now can give you peace of mind knowing that your walls are better protected from water leaks and fires – making it worth every penny!

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