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Why are we adding home renovation pricing to our website?

With the addition of pricing to our website, we hoped to create a more robust customer experience. Honesty and transparency are of the utmost importance to us; by providing customers with clear price guidelines they can make informed decisions while browsing our services. We understand the challenges associated with an industry that has previously been viewed as expensive and inaccessible, which is why we wanted to break down these barriers and welcome customers into a space where they feel confident making purchasing decisions. We are dedicated to creating an environment that meets customer needs and puts them first – pricing included.

What we consider when creating standard pricing?

When creating pricing for our home renovation services, we understand that it's important to be both transparent and sensible. As experienced professionals, we take labour and materials costs into account as well as any customer requests or needs. We strive to accurately provide the best prices possible while ensuring a high-quality job with great results – this helps ensure our customers are completely satisfied with the work we’ve completed. Ultimately, our goal is to create a pricing structure that reflects the value of our labour, materials, and customers' wants and needs.

How much does a kitchen renovation cost?

For the 3 pricing levels below we are pricing a 10 x 10 kitchen as the example. Larger sized kitchens would naturally be priced higher.

Low End Kitchen

A minor kitchen/facelift can cost from between $15k-$25k This typically starts with reusing existing cabinets, installing new doors and hardware, replacing existing counter top with a new counter top and upgrading the sink and faucet with a more modern style. This also will include the install of tile backsplash.  When pricing for minor kitchens we quote more affordable materials and finishes

Mid Range Kitchen

A mid range kitchen renovation can cost between $25-$45k. This can include new cabinets, new doors, new faucet and sink. This will also provide you with more options and possibility of extras including more convenient and desirable storage. Mid range kitchens would use mid priced materials and finishes

High End Kitchen

A high range kitchen renovation can start at $45k and upwards. This type of kitchen would typically contain custom made cabinets and doors, stone counter top, waterfall gable ends for your island. Interior designer . Choices are endless

How much does a bathroom renovation cost?

For the 3 pricing levels below we are using a 9 x 6 bathroom as the example. larger sized bathrooms would naturally be priced higher.

Low End Bathroom

A low end bathroom renovation can cost between 15k-20k. They would typically include a tiled walk in shower, vanity(sink included), toilet and basic washroom accessories.  We quote budget and affordable finishes for this type of bathroom.

Mid Range Bathroom

A mid range bathroom renovation can cost between $21k-$30k.  This range of renovation can include custom vanities, custom counter tops, custom mirrors and glass, underfloor heating common area.

High End Bathroom

A high range Bathroom renovation can start at $30k and upwards. Steam showers, Jacuzzi tub, tile installed with miters, stone counter tops with double vanity and under floor heating in all areas of the washrooms. These are options you may find in a high end bathroom. The sky is the limit.

How much does a basement renovation cost?

For the 3 pricing levels below we are using a 600 sqft basement as the example. larger sized basements would naturally be priced higher.

Low End Basement

A low end basement renovation can start at around $45k. This would be a single room basement, basic finishing with no bathroom

Mid Range Basement

A mid range bathroom renovation can cost between $55k-$65k. A mid mid-range basement can have 2 bedrooms or 1 bathroom and would have few more upgrades than the low end.

High End Basement

A high range basement renovation can start at $80k and upwards. In a high end basement can have a fully finished bathroom, wet bar with stone counter tops, custom built in shelves and more upgrades. You have endless options with a high end basement.

How much does a garage build and addition

A 20 x 20 garage with electrical rough ins and standard finishing  will start at $29k and larger garages will naturally be priced higher. A addition can start at $60k and go up from there.

How much does a deck cost?

A 10x15 Deck with pressured treated lumber, white aluminum railing and stairs will start at around $50 to $60 per sqft.

How much does a fence cost?

A 6x6 pressure treated fence will start at $50-60 per linear ft.

Other home renovation costs to consider

Plumbing rough-ins

How much do plumbing rough ins cost. Then can start at $1500k - $3500k. Also consider that if relocating can add to that cost.

Wet Bars

Wet bars can start at around $3500. Depending on choices for size, counter top, vanity and othe finishes the price can go up. 


Home décor can often come with a hefty price tag. A luxurious addition to many homes is the installation of a gas fireplace, which usually starts at around $6,000 when factoring in costs like venting and permits.

Home theatre

Personal home theatres have long been a trend for basement developments. We have built dedicated theatre rooms, and rooms with multiple televisions. Wireless technology has made it less important than it used to be to run wiring for speakers, however it is still a good idea in many cases. We can also supply and install ceiling or in-wall speakers. Home theatre wiring packages start at around $500, and speaker install packages start at around $1200.


Homeowners looking for an extra touch in their basement area often turn to our staircase finishing options. We specialize in tailoring the bottom of staircases with spindles and railings, providing a standout look that’s sure to impress. Depending on size specifications and desired detail level, this service usually costs between $1500-$3500 per project – allowing homeowners elegant style at great value!

Sub floors

Sub floors provide increased insulation and waterproofing features all while providing a wide range of style options - from $1.50/sf up to $5.00/sf.

Heated tile

For a luxuriously warm bathroom, heated tile floors are the ideal choice! The cozy comfort created by this flooring option starts at around $1000 and scales up depending on size.


Custom built-ins

Custom built-in cabinetry brings limitless possibilities to any room. From adding unique corner shelves or a secret doorway hidden within the bookshelves, these creations are sure to become one of a kind works of art in your home. Costs vary depending on detail and finish – stained material being more costly than paint grade woodwork or laminated veneers starting around $250 per linear foot plus additional costs from thereon out.


Feature walls

Liven up your basement with a stylish feature wall! Add some extra pizzazz to the area by utilizing different materials like wallpaper, tile, ledge stone and panelling. Prices vary depending on the product – painted walls start around $150 while more intricate designs such as tiling or stone can range from $20-40/sf.

Egress windows and window wells

Many Calgary homeowners find out the hard way that if they want to make their basement bedrooms legal, there will be more than just a fresh coat of paint involved. Previously-built homes may lack both egress windows ranging between $2000-$4000 and can go higher and 30” window wells typically between $250-$500 .


Kitchen Islands

Kitchen Islands can start at $1000. Adding a kitchen island to your home can greatly improve the workflow of preparation, scheduling, and planning in your kitchen. By getting professional consultation on which type of island is best suited to the size and purpose of your kitchen space, you are able to achieve a new level of execution in preparation and presentation.

Shower Doors

Shower door come in many different styles and shapes and can range between $600-$2500 and even higher.


Vanities come a varieties of sizes heights and can be single or double. The counter top chosen can increase the cost of a vanity. They start at around $400 for a very basic type and can go up from there.

How much will your renovation cost?

We pride ourselves on transparency and giving our customers the best customer service possible. We are adding a pricing page to our website in order to demonstrate this transparency by providing our clients with accurate and clear guideline base prices. Our mission is to create an easy, straightforward process.

When searching for products and services, one of the most important things to consider is price. At LBProjects, we take that into account by providing an overview of the general prices our customers may expect. While these are only guidelines to give a general idea of what those prices may be like, we understand that every customer is different when it comes to their needs and preferences. Therefore, each individual quote will be tailored to those customer's specific requirements in order to make sure their needs are fully met. We want our clients to feel confident in knowing they're getting the best possible service at a reasonable price.

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